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Lavoix Desfemmes / Empowerment Programs  / Soiree film de femmes (Women’s film festival)

Soiree film de femmes (Women’s film festival)

On November 2021, the first edition of the Women’s Film Festival Evening was organized in Jacmel. It was designed to promote the work of women in audiovisuals, especially women filmmakers in Haiti and elsewhere. For the first edition, we had two film screenings. The first screening was for young audiences, with high school students from different schools in the community . The second screening was for the general public in the evening, where documentaries, reports, and fictions made exclusively by women were screened. There was an exchange between the filmmakers and the audience about their creations and artistic approach. The event had a positive impact on people because it brought a different perspective on female filmmakers in the country. The exchange was also enriched  by the choice of films that sparked debates on inequalities and injustices.

These series of screenings have inspired young people to learn more about the audiovisual field and to continue to cherish their dreams.