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Uniquely Me

Our stories inspire, Unite and Empower. Share Your Story Today

Do you have a unique story that you’ve been hesitant to share? Are you looking for a way to connect with others and empower women and girls around the world?


This is an opportunity to share your story with La Voix des Femmes.

Language: You can write in any language you feel more comfortable to express yourself the original story as well as the translation will be published on the website.

Anonymity: Your submission can be anonymous if you wish. Format: Text, video,  photo or audio any length you want.


If you need help getting started, please consider the following suggestions to begin your Story.

1. When did you learn to accept yourself, and how was the process?
2. What did you discover as your greatest strength during this moment?
3. What is a positive word you used to describe yourself?
4. When did you learn to believe in yourself?
5. How do you overcome judgment from others?

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    (Optional. If provided, we will add at the end of the story. File formats accepted: jpg, gif, png, jpeg)