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Today is the day to reach out and lend a helping hand


Even the smallest of donations can help change a life


Become a volunteer. You’ll feel the benefits instantly

Who We Are

La Voix des Femmes (The Voice of Women) is a non-profit organization striving for gender equality. Our goal is to develop and uphold standards of equality, and create an environment in which every woman and girl can exercise their human rights.

Photography, painting, drawing, and others

In our first edition of Women’s Night Film, we want to celebrate Haitian women filmmakers on November 20, 2021, at the Alliance Institute of Jacmel Haiti.

Basic Technology

An initiative to empower women and girls through technology.

Training and Programs

The Voice of Women train and encourage budding artisans to revive traditional art and handicrafts. We achieve this through our specially designed Skill Development Programs.

Media Coverage

We give voice to every woman who suffers through our media coverage program.

Empowerment Programs

Our “Women Empowered”(WE) program focuses on increasing women’s skills, decision-making power, and access to economic resources.

Soirée Film de Femmes (Women’s film festival) first edition trailer

We work with women and girls in rural areas and cities where access to communication tools can be limited. By working with this group, we ensure every woman and girl has an opportunity for their voice to be heard by digitally connecting them to the world.

Latest Causes

Organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need

Mental Health

The integration of physical and mental activities for the well- being of the community

$100 of $50,000 raised

Domestic Violence

Workshop to help women aware of aggressive behavior and how they can answer to that

$0 of $100,000 raised

Basic Entrepreneurial

To help women learn the basics of entrepreneurship so they can become more financially independent.

$0 of $80,000 raised








Become A Volunteer

All our volunteers are from diverse range of backgrounds. They may live in urban cities, small towns, or rural villages, and represent different classes, ages, ethnicities, and nationalities.


Our storytellers are diverse women with unique perspectives and experiences. Through telling their authentic stories in their authentic voice, they inspire action that drives change in others.

Our Partners


"Determination .. Will. Strong team spirit."

Wiskaelle Gaella Bellevue

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