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Our Story

Lavoix Desfemmes / Our Story

A story is a powerful thing. A story has the ability to provide a platform. To bring an audience to voices that have been historically silenced.

Our mission is to give these voices the tools and the knowledge to not only create but elevate their stories. At its core, La Voix Des Femme was established to give female voices a leg up across the world. We want to introduce more women to crucial digital media literacy so that they can go on to tell their stories.

Documentary style filmmaking has the ability to connect a platform, group, or individual with such a larger audience. It gives these voices the ability to be heard, but it also gives them a critical platform to spread. Their output can take on so many different forms, all of which hold an incredible amount of power.

Our focus begins in Haiti, but it does not end here. With the multimedia tools we are introducing to girls and women across the country, we can lift their voices up and onto a much larger scale. This is how real change can come about.